We can all use a little change in our lives. Sometimes the smallest changes can make a large impact on an environment that has become an oversight to your daily routine. Items like books, artwork, photography, updating an end table or simply adding a new plant can create big changes in a cozy area.

1. Update Your Pillows

There’s nothing like a new pillow! A simple update that requires no heavy lifting. Also, there’s nothing quite like setting your head on a supple and soft Domus Pillow.


2. Move Your Bed

If you have a room large enough, you can move your bed away from a wall or window to create more open space, or the new space could make a perfect area for reading.


3. Hang New Artwork

New art is a simple way to brighten up your space, not to mention it’s nice to see something new.


4. Get Rid of Old Furniture

Old furniture that isn’t being used takes up valuable space in a room where. Donating your old furniture or appliances not only creates extra space it can help a family in need.


5. Get Some Plants

Plants add calmness and a presence of life to a space. They also provide a perfect splash of color. Look for low-light, indoor specific plants that require being watered once a week. Not to mention they help to purify the air in your room.


6. Hang Tapestries or Blankets

Tapestries are relatively inexpensive, and can be quite inviting to a space.


Bonus: Get New Sheets!

Ahh… the feel of fresh sheets! Maybe you’re struggling to find a new set? We have the Lux-Loft sheets that are constructed with premium soft and breathable materials, keeping you cool throughout the night.

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