Quality Materials

Sleep On Us Guarantee

Responsibly Manufactured

Superior Quality

Our designers, craftsmen, and production workers build sophisticated pillows constructed with only premium materials. We want you to own the night and have the best rest possible. Now you can sleep as hard as you live.

Design & Features

1. Hypoallergenic Synthetic Down Core

Down-like breathability and comfort with highly consistent fill dispersion. Perfectly calibrated in our testing facility for compression and rebound properties, engineered to support an adult head (10-11lbs).

2. Machine Washable Lux-Loft Cover

Our engineered dual-density tufted-knit covers are notably soft, breathable and moisture wicking. Scientifically engineered for consistent airflow.

3. Quilted Hexagon Cooling Texture

Knitted and stitched fabric creates 1.5mm hexagonal valleys allowing airflow channels to cool the pillow surface, and your head.

Premium Quilted
Lux-Loft Outer Cover

Removable & Washable

Urban Bloom pillows are built with a premium tufted knit, dual density Lux-Loft cover. Notably soft, cool and supple Engineered for maximum cooling and comfort throughout the night.

Creating The New Standard

We have formulated our synthetic hypo-fill pillows to best support the weight of the human head (10-11lbs). Today, our engineers, designers and craftsmen produce and operate sophisticated, custom equipment that produces thousands of precision pillows every year.

Get Yourself Comfy

Our pillows are what you need for a great night's sleep. Your bed, couch, or floor has never looked or felt so good.

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