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• True, natural memory foam
• Fill is smooth & supportive
• Holds its shape without flattening
• Tailored, removable lux-loft outer knit cover
• Air channels for breathability
• Interchangeable pillow core
• 10 year warranty

Queen size pillow
20" Wide x 28" Long x 6" Fill

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Premium Construction

We take the highest pride in craftsmanship and sourcing quality materials. Your head is totally worth it.

Sleep On Us Guarantee

We believe you should sleep on a product first. We offer a 90 Night Sleep on Us Guarantee.

10 Year Warranty

You should build a lasting relationship with your pillow. That's why we offer you an unbeatable 10 Year Warranty.


Our designers, craftsmen, and production workers build sophisticated pillows constructed with only premium materials. We want you to own the night and have the best rest possible. Now you can sleep as hard as you live. 


We offer quality craftsmanship using an exacting construction process with only the finest materials. We build pillows for people who sleep – yep, that's everyone. A simple design, modern structure and premium materials.

1. True Natural Memory Foam

We use a minimal contour foam core design with a 5-inch thickness profile that offers consistent pressure distribution.

2. Removable Machine Washable Cover

Our engineered dual-density tufted knit covers are notably soft, breathable and moisture wicking. Scientifically engineered for constant airflow.

3. Doppled Hexagon Pattern

Knitted & stitched fabric creates 1.5mm hexagonal valleys allowing airflow channels to cool the surface of our pillow, and your head.

4. Air-Release Mesh Gusset

Passive air channels allows for heat dispersion through a 360º perforated mesh sidewall for optimal cooling properties.

5. Core Ventilation Channels

Engineered with 100s of air channels to dramatically increase air circulation, and improve contouring neck support.



Urban Bloom pillows are built with a premium tufted knit, dual density Lux-Loft cover. Notably soft, cool and supple Engineered for maximum cooling and comfort throughout the night.


Our pillows are what you need for a great night's sleep.
Your bed, couch, or floor has never looked so good.