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Urban Bloom blends innovation and artistry to create truly unique pillows that fill a void in a vanilla market with little variety. With our new pillow collection, we are fulfilling our vision for everyone to enjoy the perfect nights sleep.

20 years of professional experience in pillow manufacturing

300+ employees, with an experienced R&D team committed to innovation

Environmentally friendly 40,000
square meter facility

Rigorous third party safety and health, fabric
and material testing

Fully integrated pillow production, including frothing, cutting, molding, textile sewing, assembling, detailing, and finishing

Thermo-sensitive memory foam
manufacturing and testing


Style, design, quality and execution of a product is what motivates our team of designers. We design and engineer our products with a team of experienced sleep-scientists that love and use the product as much as you do.


Brand / Product Designer

With 15 years experience in product brand management, Jason
leads the Urban Bloom brand and marketing design team. The Eichhorst roots and study come from his German values, beginning his career at Causwell Outerwear, designing textile soft-good products and branding, achieving multiple Outdoor Inspiration Awards. Eichhorst is driven by making a strong visual impact by combining various styles and techniques as a way to follow an idea and clarify the content of each project. Brand quality, product quality, and authentic marketing are attributes driven by the Eichhorst history.


Product Engineer /  Developer

Responsible for Urban Bloom’s innovative product design team, Drew Ehrgott brings 20+ years of German engineering design experience to our team. Ehrgott has led national brands such as Levi’s and Petzl in developing products, gaining recognition and acclamation from AIGA, SEGD, and the Webby Awards (among others). With passion and an avid study into sleep clinics, Ehrgott developed an understanding of the rebound and compression support needed to support the he average weight of a person’s cranium. Ehrgott has led the engineering of our Urban Bloom support systems and continues to develop innovative solutions with our manufacturing engineers.

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Wright Pillow

Hypoallergenic Synthetic Down
$69.95  $59.95

Domus Pillow

True-Natural Memory Foam
$139.95  $109.95

Aros Charcoal Pillow

Charcoal Infused Memory Foam
$159.95  $139.95