The Aros Charcoal Pillow

Purifying Charcoal Infused Memory Foam Core + Quilted & Removable Lux-Loft Outer Cover

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Naturally Purifying
Charcoal Infused

Odor Eliminating
Humidity Regulating

Quality Materials

We've only accepted the highest grade in our materials. Through responsible sourcing, a focus on details and materials we take pride in our products.

Sleep On Us Guarantee

We believe you should sleep on a product first. That's why we offer a 90-Night Sleep on Us Guarantee.

Responsibility in Manufacturing

We are the sum of all our parts. It's not just quality ingredients but also our team. We take pride in taking care of our manufacturing team and our social responsibilities.

Experience Clean Purifying Charcoal

Charcoal is a naturally purifying material. Infusing it into our pillows helps to eliminate odors, while creating anti-bacterial properties. Charcoal also assists with humidity regulation and reducing moisture levels.

Design & Features

We offer quality craftsmanship using an exacting construction process with only the finest materials. We build pillows for people who sleep – yep, that's everyone. A simple design, modern structure and premium materials.

Superior Quality

Our designers, craftsmen, and production workers build sophisticated pillows constructed with only premium materials. We want you to own the night and have the best rest possible. Now you can sleep as hard as you live.

Purifying Clean Charcoal.

Better Sleep,
Equals Better Days.

We've produced a better tool for better sleep. Your next day is worth what you do at night. Sleep is no time for cutting corners, that's why we produced the best pillow possible, so you can produce the your best sleep.

What's Under The Cover?

Hydrocarbon Infused Charcoal Core

Purifying Clean Charcoal

Charcoal Memory Foam Core

We use a minimal contour foam core design with a 5-inch thickness profile that offers consistent pressure distribution.

Washable Outer Cover

Perfect For Easy Cleaning

Our covers are built to the highest quality craftsmanship, and are designed to be removable and washable to keep your sleep clean.

Temperature control

Quilted Hexagon Flow

Knitted & stitched fabric creates 1.5mm deep hexagonal valleys allowing airflow channels to cool the surface of our pillow, and your head.

Engineered Ventilated System

Air & Humidity Regulation

Engineered with multiple air channels to dramatically increase air circulation, and improve contouring neck support.

New Charcoal Technology,
New Bedroom, New You.

Quilted Hexagon outer cover combined with a Charcoal Technology Core increases airflow while keeping your head cool and comfortable throughout the night.

The Aros Charcoal Pillow

Purifying Charcoal Infused Memory Foam Core + Quilted & Removable Lux-Loft Outer Cover


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Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Soft & Supportive


We couldn't be happier with this pillow! My husband has an upper thoracic spinal fracture from playing football for years that causes him a great deal of discomfort and makes getting situated at night next to impossible. Recently he had been having a lot more trouble with stiffness and pain seemingly out of nowhere and we finally realized that it may be time to switch out his pillows. We decided to go ahead and purchase a better quality pillow and this Urban Bloom fit the bill. It's been like night and day! He's been using it for around two weeks now and he's feeling SO much better already! Of course no pillow can take away the fact that there's a fracture there but this one sure gives him the comfortable foundation he needs to get a good nights rest!

- Jenni

Love This Pillow!


This pillow has been amazing for me and my back and neck issues. I can't even put it into words, but when I lay down on it, I feel totally at ease and surrounded by comfort. I have been using the pillow every night for the last two weeks and I have slept like a baby! I was skeptical at first about what kind of a difference a pillow could possibly make- but I am here to tell you it makes a HUGE difference. The quality of the pillow, the style and the resilience in which it bounces right back to its form each day is super impressive. I would recommend this pillow to anyone and everyone. I just need to buy more!! The rest of my family is extremely jealous of my fancy pillow. :-)

- Meghan Jenkins
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