Our Mission

We Make One Thing And We Make it Right

At Urban Bloom, we believe that creating the perfect nights sleep requires superior craftsmanship and diligent commitment to product and material testing.

Today, our team of engineers, designers, craftsmen, and production workers build and operate sophisticated, custom equipment that produces precision crafted pillows.

From hand-selecting the highest quality fabrics, to pushing the boundaries of pillow core technology, here at Urban Bloom we never give up until we create truly revolutionary pillows.

Engineered With Care and Built For Quality

We’ve only accepted the highest grade in our materials. Through Responsible sourcing and a focus on details and materials we take pride in our products.

We believe you should sleep on a product first. We offer a 90 Night Sleep on Us Guarantee*.

We are the sum of all our parts. It’s not just quality ingredients but also our team, We take pride in taking care of our manufacturing team and our social responsibilities

Creating The New Standard

Pillows, generally speaking, are an easy task. You have your case, stuff in some fill and sew it up. Our pillow factory goes beyond that. We take pride in exacting our pillow fills based on what matters most; supporting your head and staying clean. Today, our Urban Bloom engineers, designers and craftsmen produce thousands of precision pillows every year.

What This Means For You

Our pillows will get even better. Your pillows will stay cleaner. Your sleep will get even better. You'll be healthier and well rested. We’ll listen to your feedback about what makes a great night sleep and use our expertise to develop new products that deliver you that experience.

We Make Rest The Best!