Discover the Secrets of Clean & Refreshing Sleep by Using Urban Bloom Pillows!

We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping. And we deserve to sleep on a clean, hypoallergenic, anti bacterial, moisture wicking, comfortable pillow! With simple attention to detail our pillow scientists created Urban Bloom and created a solution to the dirty pillow problem.

Quality Materials

We’ve only accepted the highest grade in our materials. Through Responsible sourcing and a focus on details and materials we take pride in our products.

Sleep On Us Guarantee

We believe you should sleep on a product first. We offer a 90 Night Sleep on Us Guarantee.

Responsibly Sourced

We are the sum of all our parts. it’s not just quality ingredients but also our team, We take pride in taking care of our manufacturing team and our social responsibilities

Our Customers Can't Let Go!


Super comfortable in all sleep positions.

“My hubby has been asking for a better pillow, and I didn’t get all the hype. Until now. This really is like sleeping on a cloud! I was worried because I don’t particularly care for our memory foam bed, but this is way better. I’m so glad I let him talk me into trying one. We both love our pillows! I’m an every-position-sleeper, and my hubby sleeps on his back. This pillow is equally comfortable in all positions.”

– Heather T.


Premium Lux-Loft Pillow Covers
Removable & Washable

All Urban Bloom pillows are built with a premium tufted knit, dual density Lux-Loft cover. Notably soft, cool and supple. Engineered for maximum cooling and comfort throughout the night.

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